Jun 07

American Airlines, Filipino American Doctor Organization

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Dr. Connie provides a keynote speech to the American Airlines, Filipino American doctor organization and at Baylor medical center on 2 June 2011. The Ft. Worth, TX Borders book store provided wonderful support for the events. Please view the masterfully produced video collage provided by Mr. Sophie Sam.


Mar 30

Channel 12 part II

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To view the second part of Dr. Mariano's interview with Channel 12 News anchor, Scott Light, select the link below and enjoy as she tells all about the inner workings of the White House;


Mar 30

Part I channel 12 news

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Dr. Connie provides Channel 12 News Anchor, Scott Light, an insightful interview about being Physician to the President of the United States. Click the link below to view the show;


Oct 28

Private Clubs Magazine

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"Physician to Presidents Bush - Sr. and Jr. - and Clinton from 1992 to 2001, she unfurls a revealing account of her years working on Pennsylvania Avenue in a new memoir, The White House Doctor (Thomas Dunne Books)..." Read more by clicking on this link;


Sep 30

Hawaii News Now

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Sep 24

Phoenix Magazine

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Follow is a link to an interesting interview published in Phoenix Magazine.


Aug 12


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The Managing Editor contacted us after having received press materials and would like to interview Connie in early May and possibly do a review. They requested a copy of the book and we are in the process of arranging this interview. Circulation: 70,000. Click on the link to read what they had to say: 


Aug 12


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Book Review: The White House Doctor

By Terri Schlichenmeyer
Real Vail – July 25, 2010
"The White House Doctor" by Dr. Connie Mariano
c.2010, Thomas Dunne Books - 300 pages, includes index
Buy from Amazon now
You’ve worked with a lot of people in your life. But there’s one you’ll never forget. He’s the one who gently corrected you just before you embarrassed yourself. She never made you feel like the bonehead you were. He fed you pointers and help. She fed you lunch more than once.

You called them boss, but “friend” was equally appropriate.

Dr. Connie Mariano had two bosses like that, both of them known around the office as POTUS: President of the United States. In her new book “The White House Doctor” she tells about nine years at work, and the two administrations she administered to.

It always seemed that Connie Mariano stood in the shadow of the U.S. Government. Her father was a Navy steward to Vice Admiral Hugh Goodwin and his wife. Mariano’s uncle was a Navy steward at the White House during the Kennedy administration. Mariano herself was a Navy doctor who spent time aboard ships, caring for the crew. But when she was tapped for the position of junior doctor for the first Bush Administration, she was surprised.

For the last year of the Bush’s tenure in office, Mariano dispensed band-aids, followed the First Patient, and followed orders. When Bill Clinton was elected, she briefly feared losing her job but was pleased when asked to lead the department.

Her family, however, wasn’t so pleased.

Mariano had promised her husband and sons that they’d return to their beloved San Diego after her two-year tour as White House physician ended. Two years became four, became six, became nine.

Still, it was a dream job with limitless opportunities. Mariano traveled all over the world as the “White House bag lady” who toted medical supplies and devices wherever the President went, “just in case.” The job demanded long hours, but she forged lifelong friendships – including those with both Presidential families. She rose to the highest rank that any female Filipino-American Navy officer had ever achieved. But when it was over, she had hard reflections.

“I had been missing in action for nine years to take care of the first family,” she says. “Would my real family still need me when I finally came home to stay?”

So you think you’ve got a tough boss? Ha! Try answering to the Leader of the Free World.

Being the physician to POTUS is one of those demanding-but-necessary (and fun!) jobs that nobody thinks about, and author Connie Mariano does well in explaining the day-to-day of it, as well as the exhausting, 38-hour-day bits. Hers was a job that required “invisibility” with constant presence and – talk about pressure - knowing that “it is not a matter of if the president is attacked but when.”

Aside from one annoyance – an incessant reminder of her father’s service – I really enjoyed this peek inside the best-known House in the land. Whether Democrat or Republican, Bush or Clinton, I think you’ll like it, too, so grab a copy of “The White House Doctor”. For politicos, medicos, or anybody who’s just plain curious, this book works.
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Aug 04

Washington Unplugged with Mark Knoller

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Mark Knoller provides a very interesting interview with the White House Doctor. Mr. Knoller spent many years covering the White House news for CBS during Dr. Connie's tenure there which provides a welcome conversation between two as they revisit many of Connie's experiences there. Click the link to watch the video


Aug 02


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July 30: Author - Dr. Connie Mariano Talks About Her Book, The White House Doctor: My Patients Were Presidents


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